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Stanford Team: Gustavo Cezar, Thomas Navidi, Elizabeth Buechler, Aaron Goldin, Yuting Ji (alumni), June Flora, Ram Rajagopal, and Abbas El Gamal

Powernet is a project funded by the DOE Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy (ARPA-e) as part of the Network Optimized Distributed Energy Systems (NODES) program. Powernet is an open-source and open architecture platform for scalable and secure coordination of consumer flexible load and DERs. It uses a layered architecture that enables real-time coordination of centralized resources with millions of DERs by integrating embedded sensing and computing, power electronics, and networking with cloud computing.

The Powernet project included the development of the following components:

  • Control architectures for coordinating DERs across a network to provide grid services
  • Algorithms for modeling, forecasting, and controlling residential loads at the home level
  • "Smart Dim Fuse" power electronics for sub-circuit voltage modulation and load sensing
  • An energy management system for coordinating resources on commercial dairy farms, which was tested in a deployment project
  • A smart home lab space at Stanford for validating DER and load control strategies

2017 ARPA-e Summit

2019 ARPA-e Summit


Coordination Algorithms:

Farm Energy Management

Smart Dim Fuse Power Electronics

Load Modeling and Forecasting

Powernet Partners

Funding Agency

PN Funding Agency