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Lab Facilities

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Bits and Watts Lab

The Bits and Watts Lab is a lab space in the Y2E2 building that was built for the Powernet research project. It is used for evaluating the integration of distributed energy resources and residential load control strategies at the home level. The lab includes a grid emulator, home battery systems, a solar PV system, smart appliances, programmable AC loads, and other loads. It also includes a testbed for evaluating water heater control strategies.

Commercial Dairy Farm Deployment Project

As part of the Powernet project, we developed an energy management system for coordinating energy resources on commercial dairy farms. The system is currently deployed and operating on a dairy farm in the Central Valley of California. The system includes a battery storage system, solar PV systems, smart ventilation fan controllers, and sensor networks. Learn more about the project by checking out our presentation at the 2020 MIT A+B Applied Energy Symposium.