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SnowFort is an open source wireless sensor network for infrastructure and environmental monitoring. It uses previously available open source hardware with a new open source communication scheme to allow for simple, reliable, and flexible wireless sensor networks. SnowFort is developed by the faculties and students at Stanford University. The goal of this project is helping developers and researchers to rapidly develop a network for sensing without the time or background to develop the entire system from scratch.

SnowFort has following advantages:

  1. Standardization: SnowFort offers a standard, out-of-the-box solution for researchers to set up a wireless sensor network with the minimum of customization and inconvenience. Standard hardware is able to be used for any number of tasks.
  2. Reliability: SnowFort utilizes a novel communication scheme designed to be simple, functional, and above all reliable. It is also designed for low power consumption and for long life automonous operation.
  3. Scalability: SnowFort offers the capability to scale the number of sensors and the area of coverage. The sensor network grows to match the users' needs with few complications.
  4. Data analytics and visualization: SnowFort offers a low barrier for accessing the data: even amateur users can get their data served in the cloud and view real-time measurements via the web with ease.

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